Let's Meet


Let’s Meet!

Members of the Greenville Poets often meet with groups of students, writers, and others, and can be hosted at readings and other events.


We give readings individually and as a group, and welcome questions and discussion.

How do you publish a first book?

Six of our members have published books of poetry, either through contests or through university presses. Each of them approached the publishing process differently and can help writers clarify their publishing goals. For example, how do you approach a university publisher, and how do you get “invited” to enter a closed contest?

Keeping a Writer’s Group Alive

How do you form a writer’s group? Where do you find literary partners who are as interested as you are, and how do you keep that group alive? Do personalities matter, or should it all be business?

Roundtable Critiques

Be our guest! Sit down at our table, and we will critique one of your poems, as if you were a member of our group.


Small groups meet with one or two of our poets to critique their writing in a traditional workshop format.

Manuscript critiques

Manuscript critiques can be arranged. Please contact us for information.


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Thank you so much for the generous amounts of time you gave to our workshop, for the delightful program you gave, and the preparation time and energy it takes to be so excellent at what you do.
— Sandra Love, Antioch Writers' Workshop